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The Murley SURF Program at MUPA

Essential Laboratory Handbooks & Organic Chemistry Information

Not Voodoo X: Professor Frontier's online laboratory handbook

Evan's pKa Table: Professor Evan's extensive list of useful pKa values

Organic Chemistry Links: Professor Molander's links to laboratory info, databases, nmr, and more

Heterocyclic Chemistry: Professor Baran's essentials of heterocyclic chemistry

More Organic Chemistry Links: Professor Reich's topical review of organic chemistry

Organic Reaction Mechanisms I & Organic Reaction Mechanisms II: Professor Van Vranken's advanced treatment of mechanistic principles germane to modern organic chemistry


Databases & Search Engines

RSC ChemSpider: Synthetic Pages

Chemistry at MUPA Library

SciFinder: MUPA returing user login
Request It

Google Scholar

Chemistry By Design


ACS Journals

List of Chemistry Journals

JUCR: Journal of Undergraduate Chemistry Research

AJUR: American Journal of Undergraduate Research


NMR Chemical Shifts of...Impurities

Spectral DataBase organic cmpdS

Guide to NMR Acronyms & More

Organic Spectroscopy: Professor Nowick's organic spectroscopy essentials


Writing Resources

Writing a Scientific Paper: One Ideosyncratic View [Worth Understanding]

Professor Whitesides' Group: [A Guide to] Writing a Paper

How to Write a Paper to Communicate Your Research: A Useful Video Series

Preparing a Research Report - American Chemical Society

The ACS Style Guide

Skillful writing of an awful research paper: a sarcastic, yet instructive editorial

The Elements of Style, 4th Edition

5 Principles for Readable Sentences

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